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December 4, 2002

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A FREE electronic magazine...               December 4, 2002
B I G   B U C K S   I N   A   B A T H R O B E
Make More Money & Have More Fun With Your Small Business!
Publisher:  Dave Balch, "The Stay-at-Home CEO"(tm)
   "David made over $5 million at home and wants to help you
    do the same or more"
             Mark Victor Hanson, co-creator of the #1 best
             selling "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series
I n   T h i s   I s s u e . . .
   1. A "Quickie" - Personal Observation
   2. Feature: Article
               "Getting from Burned-Out to Pumped-Up"
   3. Feature: "Ask Dave" - My take on your business problems
               What Internet Business?
   4. Feature: "Meanwhile, back at the ranch..."
               Get off my back...
   5. About "Big Bucks in a Bathrobe" Newsletter
   6. Who the heck am I, anyway?
   7. How to get on or get off of this list
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11111 A "Quickie" - Personal Observation
We went to a rather nice restaurant and, as usual, had leftovers
that we wanted to take home.  The server said he would be happy
to box it up for us, and when he brought it to the table it was
in the usual white Styrofoam container.
It was secured closed with a brightly colored ribbon, tied
with a cute little bow.  We were surprised and delighted!
Another example of how such a small thing can make such a
big difference in the level of service and the customer
"Secrets of an Actual $5 Million Home Business"
Eight e-mails in eight days that will change the way you run your
small business!
22222 A r t i c l e "Getting From Burned-Out to Pumped-Up"
By Dave Balch, "The Stay-at-Home CEO(tm)"
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were always motivated and
always rarin' to go?  We could sit down at our desks every
day and just crank out the work, happy to do it, loving
every minute, and sorry to quit at the end of the day.
In a perfect world, maybe, but this isn't a perfect world.
We get tired, both physically and mentally.  We get cranky.
We get bored with doing the same things day in and day out,
sometimes to the point that the brain just doesn't function
at top capacity; in fact, it may stop functioning
altogether!  When you are trying to work but can only manage
a blank stare at the wall, it's time to do something about
But what?  Staying enthused about your business all the time
is difficult at best; when you are burned out, what can you
do to get excited again?
You may be surprised at my answer, but here it is:  get
excited about something else.  That's right!  To get excited
about your business, get excited about something else.
I'm talking about hobbies.  I'm talking about passions.  I'm
talking about any outside interest that you love to think
about and to talk about.
What do you love to do?  Let's say, for example, you are
interested in baseball.  I don't want to hear that you like
going to baseball games; I want to hear that you LOVE
baseball... that you can name the champions of each league
for the last 10 years, who played first base for the 1982
Giants, who won each of the last 20 World Series and in how
many games, etc.  That's what I'm talking about; something
that lights a fire in your belly, something that you are
passionate about, something that touches your soul.
Whatever it is that you love to do, start doing it!  Do you
think it will cost too much?  Baloney!  You can find a
wealth of information on the Internet and it won't cost you
a dime.  If you truly love the subject, you'll enjoy reading
about it online.  Or, you can probably find a magazine about
your interest; if you can't or won't spend the price of a
magazine, you are in deep trouble indeed!
Do you think it will take too much time?  Balderdash!  The
excitement it generates will result in higher efficiency and
you'll find that you have the time after all.  Turn off the
darned TV; you'll discover lots of time!  Besides, we always
find time for the things that are truly important to us.  If
you feel that it will take time away from your family, then
figure out a way to get them involved so they can
participate in your passions with you.  What a rush it would
be to not only pursue your passions but to share them with
your loved ones!  I have a good friend whose passion is
stock car racing; his family helps him work on his car and
cheers him on from the stands!
The net result will be a new bounce in your step, a fresh
smile on your face, and new excitement and enthusiasm for
everything in your life, including your work.
Sometimes I don't feel like doing what I have to do, so I
pull out a NASA eclipse bulletin, which has facts and
figures on the next total eclipse of the sun.  It only takes
a few minutes of thumbing through that baby and I'm
motivated and ready to get back to work.
  I have a one-hour program on audio cassette on this very
  subject.  It's titled "Be a Nut!" and is available at
Start right now.  Identify your passions and pursue them
vigorously.  The effect it will have on your life will
absolutely astound you.
33333  "A s k   D a v e"
   (Can I help you with a business problem?  I will field
   business questions in every issue.  Send them to )
   Ask whatever you'd like... all letters will remain anonymous.
   Maybe my 2-cents'-worth will help you make "Big Bucks"!
   (Maybe not!)
Today's question:
Dear Dave:
I'm a currently unemployed professional in a low income and
educational level area of few jobs and I'm searching for a
legitimate internet business.
I'm a former executive director of non-profit and government
run animal shelters and have excellent writing
/communications skills but the animal welfare background
doesn't translate well for the very few management level jobs
here.  How do I find the right internet business
opportunity?  I've seen all the 'amazing offers' and 'make
$2000 a day' promises, and they smell like a scam to me.
Nevertheless, I need to generate an income and internet
based seems the best alternative.
Your newsletter offers advice to improve/increase our
businesses; I need to find that business to improve.  There
have to be thousands, probably millions, of people in my
shoes.  Your practical advice to stave off the mortgage
  Dear C.R.
  First and foremost, do NOT send money to anyone for any
  kind of business opportunity on the web.  You might was
  well burn it in your fireplace.  The low lifes and scum
  bags out there that will take your money any way they can
  get it are so repugnant to me that I have considered a
  different type of business where I don't have to 'rub
  shoulders' with them any more.  AHHHHHH!
  There, I feel better.
  My advice to you would be to take advantage of the skills
  that you already have and adapt them to the Internet.  You
  state that you have excellent writing skills and
  experience with animal shelters.  How about a consulting
  business targeted to animal shelters?  You could start a
  highly-targeted newsletter to gain trust and credibility,
  and then come up with phone consulting, teleseminars,
  eBooks... all sorts of things that would be of benefit to
  animal shelters of all kinds.  The Internet is good for
  information products - create some in your area of
  My second thought is to find something that you are
  passionate about and build a business about that.  For
  example, if you love to golf, you might be able to build
  some sort of business around some aspect of golf; golf
  courses, accessories, apparel, tours, etc.  I don't know
  what your passions are, but if you really want to be
  excited when you get out of bed, do something that will
  target others who have similar interests.
  Regardless of what you choose, a legitimate business on
  the Internet means a lot of learning new things, new
  techniques, and strategies.  It's fascinating and doable,
  but learn how and do it the right way, not the scumbag
  I am putting together some excellent resources for
  learning about Internet Marketing.  Rather than spending
  your money on so-called 'opportunities', make your own
  opportunities and spend your money on learning the right
  way to use the Internet.
44444 "M e a n w h i l e,   b a c k  at the  r a n c h..."
    A glimpse into the life of this "Stay-at-Home CEO"
 (Photos and short bios of the complete "cast of characters"
 are posted at )
Kelly and Keno (our horses) were just standing there,
minding their own business.  They usually get along quite
well with the local wildlife, so it was no big deal when
Henry (the raven) landed on the fence about 2 feet from
where they were standing.  Everyone was getting along nicely
when Henry decided to make a move.
He hopped, in a single rapid motion, onto Kelley's back, and
she didn't even appear to notice!  She had to have been
aware of it because Henry is not a small bird... his
wingspan has to be at least five feet.
After a short pause, Henry proceeded to peck at Kelley's
back just like one of those birds on Wild Kingdom who peck
at the hides of African animals out in the bush.
I happened to be looking out there when all of this
happened, so I ran upstairs to get the camera.  I snuck
carefully onto the deck, slowly raised the camera to my
eyes, and Henry flew away.
Maybe next time.
-------------------- CHRIS' CANCER UPDATE
In the last issue I mentioned that the surgeon forgot to
remove one her stitches so I was going to do it.  Well, we
both forgot for two days and by that time most of the stitch
had been grown over and I couldn't get under it to snip it.
Our neighbor, an ER nurse, came to the rescue and removed it
with no problem.
The radiation adventure has begun with a consult and
'simulation', where she had to lie in an uncomfortable
position without moving for 45 minutes.  They marked her
side and chest with a black felt-tip pen, then covered the
marks with clear tape so they wouldn't fade.  Apparently
they use these marks to aim the radiation beam.  Radiation
begins Dec 3; she has to go every day, Monday through
Friday, for six weeks, and it's a 45-minute drive each way.
Her spirits are still very good, however.  We got a renewal
notice for a nutrition/health newsletter but she declined to
renew and wrote them this note:
  "I've always loved your newsletter and followed what it
  said, but I got breast cancer anyway.  So, now I don't read
  any health material and I eat pie.  Thanks anyway, Chris
55555  A b o u t  "Big Bucks in a Bathrobe"
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