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10 Simple Things
to Screw-up Your Small Business!

Dave Balch knows what he’s talking about:  he generated over $5 million from his home-based business marketing, selling, and supporting his own proprietary computer software.

He has learned a lot along the way, and has tried many different things on the road to success; some of them worked, some of them didn’t.  Dave shares some of these experiences so others can apply what he learned to their own small businesses.

“…will make my business much more profitable; well worth the time invested"

Dr. Jason Rezansoff
Lake Gregory Chiropractic

“Fantastic! I need to review this frequently.”

Marilyn Taylor, Proprietor
Bountiful Basket

“Excellent material.  Good summary of important concepts.”

Charley Brown, Vice-Principal
San Bernardino Adult School

“Lots of common sense stuff that we often forget.”

Ronald Coats
Excel Communications

“I’m feeling full of ideas.”

Barbie Copp
Copp Roofing

“The program is fabulous for re-focusing.  I’ll refer to my bookmark often!”

Leslie McLellan
Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce

In many areas of life there are often just a few key concepts that make a world of difference.  Small businesses (including home businesses) are no exception.  You will learn:

  • some of the simple things that change an average business into an extraordinary business

  • how to re-think and improve on what you're doing now

  • new strategies to get more customers, and keep them too!

This program has something for everyone, regardless of past achievements or the current size of their business.  Dave says, “Nobody needs all 10 things.  On the other hand, nobody needs none of them.” 

It’s fun, too!  Dave will be wearing his bathrobe and invites everyone to do the same.  Those who do will be eligible to win some of Dave's tapes, so you can bet that attendance will be high!  

(Here’s a secret:  the program is really about 10 simple things that will improve your small business rather than screw it up. The title is just “show-biz hype”!) 

A good combination of common sense and business sense, “10 Things” will inspire entrepreneurs to look at their businesses in a whole new way!

Call now to book this fun and inspiring program for your next conference, convention, or meeting!


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