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How To Be Wrong 50% of the Time
Assumption:  Its Causes, Effects, and What to do About It

Dave Balch knows what he’s talking about:  he generated over $5 million from his home-based business marketing, selling, and supporting his own proprietary computer software. 

He has learned a lot along the way, and has tried many different things on the road to success; some of them worked, some of them didn’t.  Dave shares some of these experiences so others can apply what he learned to their own small businesses.

“Well thought-out and applicable to daily life”

Heather Brooks
Redlands Centenial Bank

 “(The thing I liked most was)… the humor at yourself in explaining situations.”

Ed Lemoine
Sun Country Bank

 “Great!  Very motivating!”

Tracy Tyra-Himple
Rancho Bank

“Provides useful information for many people on how to get what (they) want.“

Terry Bowman
California Department of Finance

 "I felt it was well worth the 1-hour drive…(to come to this meeting).”

Lois Walters
First Mountain Bank

How many business and personal decisions are you making based on assumptions?  Really big decisions are often based on fact and plentiful research, but what about the smaller decisions; those day-to-day snap decisions which add up to have a tremendous impact on the success of a business or our happiness at home?  In this program, you will learn: 

  • the dramatic effects that assumption can have on your business, your entire life, or just a moment of your life

  • some of the reasons why we assume

  • some of common types of assumptions

  • how to recognize other people’s assumptions

  • how to stop assuming

  • Dave’s “Rule of Wrong”, which will help you make better decisions

Stories and examples from Dave’s own life will illustrate just how dramatic an effect assumption can have.  You can’t tame the “assumption beast” without awareness, and you will leave this program so aware that everyone will be analyzing everything that everyone says about anything!

 “Assumption is the granddaddy
of all screw-ups!”

Call now to book this thought-provoking program for your next conference, convention, or meeting


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