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Published Articles

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Published articles:

"Baloney" - you can start your own business

"Save Thousands of Dollars" - target your market

"It's Not as Hard as it Looks" - create a cash flow (Download free sample worksheet [for Microsoft Excel only]: RIGHT-click here, then "Save As...")

"Exploit Your Very Own Gold Mine" - start and use a database

"You Are Not Alone" - collaborate with someone

"Tame the Interruption Beast" - handling interruptions

"How to Wind a Cuckoo Clock" - there is always a "right" way to do everything

"Melting Snow" - it's easier to finish a large project by breaking it into smaller pieces

"It's Hard to Imagine" - it's easy to lose perspective, so don't

"Crooked Pictures" - little things make a big difference

"At What Cost?" - the true cost of stuff

"A Single Word" - one word can change your business

"It's Not a River in Egypt" - the curse of denial

"Show Your Cards" - put your business card to work for you

"Deadlines are Lifelines" - force yourself to get stuff done

"Give Yourself Permission" - some things are just more important than a few hours of work

"Elevator:  Going Up!" - can you explain your business clearly in 20 seconds or less?

"Learn to Learn" - are you learning from mistakes and lost customers?

"That Personal Touch" - how you treat people makes a BIG difference!

"The Wonders of Flexible Time" - Are you using your flexible schedule to best advantage?  (Includes a link to story about volunteering for the Red Cross near Ground Zero)

"The Perfect Gift for Our Customers" - Wonder what to give your customers for Christmas?  Here's a great idea!

"Attitude Check" - Attitude is everything; your success depends on it.

"Be Your Own Customer" - Is your product or service everything you think it is?

"How Will Your Business Be Judged?" - You only have one chance to make a good first impression

"Don't Panic" - If something unexpected happens, don't lose your cool.

"Are You Doing a Good Job?" - Are you sure your customers are aware of what a good job you do?

"Extra Rice" - how can you give added value to your customers at no (or little) cost?

"Explanations: a Good Idea?" - don't tell your customers more than they need to know

"How to be a Good Customer" - we know how to GET good customers and KEEP good customers, but do we know how to BE a good customer?

"Make It Better" - I don't care what you do, make, or sell; you can do, make, or sell it better!

"Fire Your Bad Customers" - some customers just aren't worth the trouble:  get rid of them!

"Get 'em While They're Hot!" - there is nothing like a referral from a customer.  Here's how to get them.

"Jumbled Wires" - things are not always as complicated as they look.

"Whatever It Takes" - if you want to succeed, sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do.  Do them anyway.

"Ya Gotta Ask!" - don't be afraid to ask for what you want; it may be the only way you're going to get it!

"No Rules" - sometimes you have to make your own rules.

"Start!" - getting started is the hardest part of any project.

"Easier is Harder" - it's not always obvious how to solve simple problems; until they're solved, that is!

"Priorities" - be sure that you know what's important in your life, and act accordingly, before it's too late.

"Be Afraid" - fear gets us all and impacts our success. 

"Not About You" - be careful how you word your marketing materials

"Empower Your Employees" - give your employees the ability to give good service

"Killer Bees" - know your competition or they will win

"Coupons, Coupons, Coupons" - offering coupons is a good idea, if used wisely

"Easy Money?  NOT!" - ignore the hype about making easy money.  If you want to succeed, you have to work hard.  Period.

"Your Secret Weapon" - you may be surprised at this wonderful tool that is at your disposal, whether you realize it or not.

"Communicate!" - what good is offering extra value if your customers don't know about it?


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