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Get More Done,
Have More Fun!
How to Be More Productive by
Putting More Fun in Your Life

Dave Balch knows what he’s talking about:  he generated over $5 million from his home-based business marketing, selling, and supporting his own proprietary computer software. 

He knows first-hand how productive you can be when you’re having fun,  and has the business results to prove it!

“A great refresher in a convoluted  world!  Makes me think about opening my eyes to the beauty of life!”

A. Moreno

“Time well spent.  Reminds me to nourish my sense of humor.”

Stephen T. Saporta
Law Offices of Stephen T. Saporta

"Very though-provoking and entertaining”

F. Douglas McDaniel
Retired Appellate Judge

“Very sensible, focused, and logical. …humorous, too!”

Brad White
Granowitz, White, and Weber

“Great projection of thoughts, great examples of positive thinking.” 

Paul  Moreno
Salones de Fiesta Moreno

Have you ever been angry?  Anxious?  Upset?  Depressed?  Of course you have, we all have.  How productive are you when you feel like that?  Not as productive as you could be, that's for sure.  It feels like you are "running against the wind", doesn't it? Let’s focus on a new approach to productivity:  reducing negative energy and increasing positive energy in order to maximize effectiveness in all areas of your life.  In this uplifting program you will discover:

  • how having fun and feeling good affects your attitude, which determines the quality of your present and your future

  • ways of injecting a healthy dose of fun into your daily routine

  • things that you can do every day to help you fell better about yourself and your life

  • a philosophy of living that is a combination of wisdom and thinking from today's top self-help gurus as well as from Dave himself

  • ideas that will have a profound effect on your happiness, on your general sense of well-being and, as a result, on your productivity.

Dave draws on his own life experiences in order to illustrate how these principles have worked for him and how they can work for you as well.

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