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Be a Nut! 
 How to Pursue Passion to Stifle Stress

Dave Balch: The Man in the Moon Shadow
Dave Balch 
is a nut!  He traveled halfway around the world to see a total eclipse of the sun that only lasted 40 seconds!  And, he intends to go to every total eclipse for the rest of his life no matter where they occur.  In his “real” life, he generated over $5 million from a home-based software business, and he is absolutely convinced that his passion was a major factor in that success by keeping stress levels low and energy levels high.

“Well-communicated, motivating and fun. (I observed many audience members jotting down notes.) You definitely inspired us”

Jodi Bernstein, Corporate Recruiter
Headway Corporate Staffing Services

 “Great job!  The visuals were great and well received.  I heard several ‘Wow!’s and ‘Whoa!’s around me.”

VJ Sleight
Total Financial Services

“It moved me; I almost cried (that’s good!)  It made me want to dream, live, and practice my passion.”  

Terry Hazen, Executive Director
Tender Life Maternity & Transition Home

“You took an unusual topic and made it exciting, powerful, dynamic, and kept your audience locked in on your high energy and positive delivery. You were brilliant.”  

Jim Zinger, CSP
Hypmovation, Inc

Happy people are productive people, and those who pursue their passions are happiest.  (If others think they’re a “nut,” they’re probably on the right track!)  Passions generate energy and enthusiasm that always spills into the workplace.  Dave knows, because his passion for solar eclipses has had a profound effect on his own life, keeping his stress levels in check and helping drive his business success.  In this unique and memorable program, Dave illustrates using examples from his life as an eclipse chaser.  Your audience will learn:

  • how to identify their own passions

  • that pursuit of passion is “doable,” not just a pipedream

  • how to take action, step-by-step

  • how passions soothe stressed minds and bodies

  • the profound and wonderful effects that their passions will have on every aspect of their lives

More passion at leisure = more effective at work!  

Exciting eclipse video, slides, and music inspire and encourage your group to get started right away.
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