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"WOW!  The Most Incredible
Thing You'll Ever See!"
What it's Like and What it Takes to Experience a Total Eclipse of the SunTotal Eclipse of the sun

Dave Balch: The Man in the Moon Shadow

“… I saw a raptly interested crowd hanging on your every word.  The following question and answer period showed you must have touched something within them.”

Brian V. Staples, Vice-President
San Diego Astronomy Association

"You really wowed us with your depiction of what it's like to experience a total eclipse.  Your participation helped make the conference a huge success."

Paula Berinstein
Ventura County Astronomical Society

Dave Balch traveled halfway around the world to see a total eclipse of the sun that only lasted 40 seconds!  He has been to 9 eclipses and he intends to go to every eclipse for the rest of his life no matter where they occur.  In his “real” life, he generated over $5 million from a home-based software business, but it is this passion that truly drives him.

“You sounded just like a missionary, full of zeal, trying to convince others how incredible and wonderful it can be to stand in the moon’s shadow”

Chris Clarke, Secretary/Outreach Coordinator
San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers

 “Your passion came through loud and clear!”

Maureen J. Keene
Keene Commercial

Have you ever "experienced" a total eclipse of the sun? Whether you have or have not, you will enjoy this fascinating look at nature's greatest spectacle.  Dave's undying passion for solar eclipses explodes in vivid sounds and images that will captivate and enthrall your audience, leaving them anxious to see one for themselves.  The first question is invariably "When is the next one?"

 With exciting video, slides, and music, Dave draws on his eclipse experiences to describe:

  • the human aspect of eclipses rather than the science

  • the excitement, anxiety, and emotion of eclipse day

  • how to plan an eclipse experience for yourself

Ideal for after-dinner entertainment, spouse programs, or for something just plain different!

If you want to educate, fascinate, mesmerize, and tantalize, this is the program for you!

 Call now to book this one-of-a-kind program for your next event:


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