The Stay-at-Home CEO™
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Confessions of "The Stay-at-Home CEO"

Commonly Asked Questions About Home Based Business

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Ideas, tips, and techniques for every home-based business:
large or small, new or established!

Everyone with a home-based business can learn something from someone who has “been there, done that”: Dave Balch has.  He generated over $5 million from his home-based business and shares how he did it and some of the things that he discovered along the way.

 You will learn: 

  • Major advantages and disadvantages of working at home
  • Tips on setting up your office
  • The strategy that added over $1 million to his total revenue
  • A technique that will produce new revenue streams
  • Mistakes that he made and how to avoid them
  • Mental skills and attitudes that are crucial to your success
  • Tips on marketing and sales from home, on a budget
  • Tips on customer service from home, on a budget
  • How to give your business its own “personality”

Dave Balch formed A Few Good People, Inc., a software development and consulting firm in 1982.  In 1986 he developed a software product for the corporate market, and Dave now markets, sells, maintains, and supports this product for over 100 corporate clients in five countries.  He operates this business entirely from his ranch in the mountains of Southern California, which he shares with his wife and seven animals.

Mike Rounds is listed in the "Who's Who In Professional Speaking" and his skills have earned him recommendations from organizations like the Harvard School Of Business, The University of California, The National Speakers Association, The Los Angeles Public Library, hundreds of colleges and universities, and over 250 radio talk shows nationwide as one of the leading authorities in his field   He is a patented designer, copyrighted author, and currently has over fifty (50) books, tapes, and workbooks in open distribution   

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