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    Full-time work-at-home, home business experience since 1982!!
    Home-Based Business, Home Business, Small Business 


    "The Stay-at-Home CEO"� 
    Work at Home, Home Business, Home-Based Business, Small Business
    Dave Balch
    Speaker, Consultant, and Author
     of "Confessions of 'The Stay-at-Home CEO'�"

    Do you have cancer or know anyone who does?

    Less Stress.
    More  Hope.
    That's What We Do.

    The Patient/Partner Project

    Dave's mission:

    To provide information for small/home business owners
    who want to

    Make More Money
    Have More Fun!!

    ...and here are two ways of doing just that!

    Free Min-E-Seminar: "Secrets of an Actual $5 Million Home Business" - 8 e-mails in 8 days that will change the way you run your small or home business!

    "Big Bucks in a Bathrobe" - articles, advice, and information for all small and home business owners.

    Big Bucks in a Bathrobe" has been discontinued but feel free to browse the archives

    Dave is now focusing all his time on helping cancer caregivers.  If you have cancer or know someone who does, please send them to The Patient/Partner for resources that will reduce their stress and restore their hope. THANK YOU!


    Hey Dave!  What's with the bathrobe? 

    Dave says, "This is why I wear a bathrobe:

    1. "I think it's a good symbol of our independence as small business owners.  This country was founded by people who wanted a better life, and millions came here with the intention of running their own businesses in order to create that better life.  Now modern technology allows us to do that from our own homes, which means we can dress any way we want to!

    2. "It's fun!  And, I encourage my audiences to wear their bathrobes to my events (extra 'points' for fuzzy slippers)!  It never fails to bring a smile;  my philosophy is,  'If it isn't fun, why do it?'

    3. "I generated over $5 million working at home from my home business dressed pretty much like this.(!)  The way I figure it, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"!  (Sometimes I wore shorts and a T-shirt, but don't tell anyone.)

    4. "Frankly, I want you to remember me!"

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