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Life on the Ranch

As John Lovitz says,

"Get to know me!"

What is life like for a "Stay-at-Home CEO"?

This is the page where you find out!

If you're going to trust me with business advice, I'm going to trust you with who I am.

In a nutshell:

  • We live on a small ranch in the mountains of Southern California, elevation:  5800 feet.
  • Yes, we get snow.  In the winter of 2000-2001 we had up to six feet on the ground.
  • It is a secluded forest setting with hundreds of trees:  80-foot pines, firs, cedars, and oaks.
  • I do mean secluded.  We can't see any buildings from our home except our own barn.
  • I can see almost 200 trees from my desk.  (It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it!)
  • We are avid animal lovers.
  • Our current menagerie consists of 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, and a parrot.
  • Each of our animals "talk" (through us of course) in various voices that we have concocted for our own amusement
  • Many people tell us that when they die they want to come back as one of our animals.  (Sorry, but there is a waiting list.)

Each issue of the FREE "Big Bucks in a Bathrobe" newsletter (sign up here if you haven't already) will contain short glimpses of "Life on the Ranch"; this is the "cast of characters" 

(If you simply have to see bigger photos, click on the smaller ones.)


Home Business, Work at Home, Home Based Business
Chris & Keno
This is Mrs. "Stay-at-Home CEO", Christine or, as we like to call her, "Chris" (shown here with Keno).  How she loves that horse!  In fact, that horse is the reason that we built the ranch in the first place; so we could have him on our property and she could hug him whenever she wanted.  When we first purchased the land (1 2/3 acres), we found out we could legally have 7 horses.  I told her, "You can have 7 horses... or 2 horses and a husband."  After giving it some thought (!), she chose option #2.  I'm so glad she did!  (She says I'm a good ranch hand.)
Work at Home, Home Business, Home Based Business
Kate has been my assistant since 1990.  She is loyal, smart, and hell-bent on doing whatever she can to help me succeed.  My wish and hope is that each and every one of you find your own "Kate".  Frankly, I don't know where I'd be without her.  A great man we know says "Kate is great!"
Home Based Business, Work at Home, Home Business
According to our veterinarian, Simone is the "perfect dog".  We couldn't agree more.  She is a black Standard Poodle born in 1994, and is 50 pounds of pure joy; always friendly, happy, and playful.  She "talks" in an outrageous French accent (after all, she IS a French Poodle).  She may look prissy, but is tough as nails.  She can and does outrun the horses when we go galloping through the pines.

Emma is another black Standard Poodle, born in February of 2001.  Technically, she is Simone's dog because we got her to keep Simone company when Sarah Jane (our beloved Saint Bernard) died just after Christmas, 2000.  She is a doll and she also "talks" with an outrageous French accent.  We can tell them apart, however, because Simone calls us "Ma-ma" and "Pa-pa" and Emma calls us "Muzere" and "Fazere" (that's "Mother" and "Father" as pronounced with the outrageous French accent!).
Work at Home, Home Business, Home Based Business
Keno is the world's luckiest horse.  The day he and Chris found each other was truly a glorious one.  When he came into our lives, I didn't even know how to spell hoarse, and now I'm a fairly decent horseman!  He truly changed both of our lives, for it was because of him that we built the ranch on which we now live.  He's like a big dog, has lots of personality, and likes to "hang around" us when we are working in the yard; he loves to nuzzle your ear and smell your hair.
Home Based Business, Work at Home, Home Business
Kelly is billed as my horse, but technically is Keno's horse because we got her so he wouldn't have to be alone all the time.  Keno and Kelly are inseparable; in fact, it is almost impossible to ride one and leave the other behind because they both go nuts when the other one isn't nearby.  I haven't ridden her since she ran away with me two years ago:  now when I ride, I ride Keno and Chris rides Kelly.  When Chris rides alone, she rides Keno and Kelly just follows them!
Home Business, Work at Home, Home Based Business
AKA "The Urinator", Lily "talks" like Arnold Schwartzenegger in "The Terminator".  Unfortunately we found out that Lily is a 3-cat cat after we got our 4th cat.  We are back to 2 cats now, but she still has an occasional relapse.  Lily is the 'character' of the family... most of our best stories involve her.  Let me put it this way:  she's on a feline version of "Prozac".  I'm not kidding.
Work at Home, Home Business, Home Based Business
Soft as a bunny and sweet as can be, Phoebe's job is to lie around all day.  She does it well.  She was rescued from the center divider of a freeway in Los Angeles by a very brave friend.  Phoebe "talks" in a southern accent, and is proud to be the least trouble of any of our animals.
Home Based Business, Work at Home, Home Business
Poncho was a birthday gift to Chris from her father in (are you ready for this?) 1957!   He is very mean to everyone except Chris.  He has, does, and will bite anyone except her, even if they feed him; we're talking about major flesh removal here, not just little pecks.  He also talks, er, uh, screams periodically, and when he does it is advisable to leave the area in order to protect yourself from permanent ear damage.  Of course, this is only my opinion.  Chris loves him, though, because they grew up together.  Poncho loves to listen to wind-up music boxes
Home Business, Work at Home, Home Based Business
Chris found Georgie wandering on a mountain road and we fostered him for six months until Kate decided to take him.  Now Kate and her husband worship the ground he walks on and he comes to work with her, so we still get to see him often.  Because of his amazing personality, we are convinced that he is Chris' father reincarnated, which is why we named him "Georgie".  He is very protective of us and our property, and has made grown men tremble.  He understands complete sentences and usually walks around with a toy in his mouth.  He makes everyone smile.  We call Emma his "sidekick" because she does everything he does.

"Henry & Gladys"
There are two ravens that allow us to live on their turf.  We always considered them to be rather tame, and now that they are used to us and the food we leave for them (old rolls, dead mice, etc.) they have begun to follow us (moving from tree to tree) as we move around the property, and also when we walk the dogs in the forest.  They even come when we call them.  About a year after Chris named them 'Henry and Gladys', she discovered that they had been hand-raised by a neighbor whose name is, believe it or not, "Henry"!

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