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Product Reviews

In my 2002 survey of subscribers to my newsletter, an overwhelming majority asked for these things:
  • Information about internet marketing

  • Information about writing sales letters

  • Information about copywriting

  • Reviews of various products and services

So, here are my reviews and recommendations for products and services that meet the requirements above!

Note: I may receive small commissions on purchases of some of the recommendations below; however, my integrity is not for saleI would never recommend or say anything I didn't believe-in 100% just to make a buck or two.


Internet Marketing

General Business

The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet

It is truly sad that there are so many people out there that honestly believe the hype and unbelievable results that can be obtained using bulk e-mail. "100 Million 'Fresh' Email addresses for $99"... uh-huh. They would have you believe that you just buy this list, send an ad to it, and you'll be rich.

I'm sorry... it just doesn't work that way.

If you are serious about learning the CORRECT way to market your products and services on the Internet then I heartily recommend "The Insider's Guide to Marketing Your Business on the Internet." As soon as it arrives, you will realize that you have some learning to do; it's huge! Consider yourself back in school and go through the individual lessons. Between the binders and the CD-ROM that's included, there
are over 1,000 pages of information!

You will get a first class education on what is acceptable and what is not, and how to do what you need to do in order to either run a successful Internet business or use the Internet effectively for your existing business.

This is not an eBook, but an actual course that comes in two binders along with a CD-ROM and lots of bonuses as well.

If you truly want to be successful on the Internet, bite the bullet and order this course; when you look back on the value you received you'll laugh at how inexpensive it was!

If you decide to go with the "Fresh Email Addresses," good luck to you. It won't be long until you come back to learn how to do it the right way.

For more information about this extraordinary course, click here.

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Boost Business With Your Own Ezine

There is no question that an ezine is a terrific cost-effective way to build customer awareness and loyalty, and there is also no question that there's a lot more to it than just typing something up and emailing it.

I have been sending out my ezine for 18 months; I have over 3,200 subscribers in more than 30 countries and I still learned one heckava lot from this eBook from Alexandria Brown, "The Ezine Queen"

She walks you through the entire process from conception to launch to promotion in an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow style.  Good, solid information presented in bite-sized chunks, with specific examples to make everything crystal clear.

Whether you are just starting out or have already begun, you will learn something new from this package, and I highly recommend it.

Get more information about this great book here.

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The 52 Most-Asked Internet Marketing Questions

I just finished listening to an awesome new course that
answers the 52 most asked questions about running a business

It covers everything from setting up an e-commerce site, to
which e-mail company to use to send your online newsletter.
It is easy to understand and is quite thorough. 

If you have a Web-based business, and want to make more
money online, you'll love the new MarketingBrainDump(tm)
package. And for a limited time, you can listen to it
totally and completely free of charge!

I suggest that you check it out here.

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Tax Reduction Tool Kit

I used to think I was pretty sophisticated when it came to taxes and tax strategies.  Having owned my own corporation for over 20 years, and hating to pay taxes, I learned a lot of neat (but legal) tricks. Yep, I thought I was pretty cool when it came to taxes.

Until now.

I found a tax book that had a few tricks that even I didn't know about.  As I read through it, I was pleased to find most of the things I knew about plus a few that I didn't, all explained in an easy-to-read style.

It isn't fancy, with colors and graphics that dazzle your eye, but it is jam-packed with valuable, no-nonsense information that will easily save you many times its cost.

* The Tax Reduction Toolkit *
How Any Small Business Owner or Self-Employed Person Can Save Thousands In Taxes (without any fear of an IRS audit!) Wayne M. Davies, a Tax Professional with over 15 years experience helping people like you to slash their taxes.

Anyone can understand the tax-saving methods covered here.  And, if there is something that you don't understand, the Toolkit contains coupons for consulting services so you can ask the author your questions for free!

Here's what you'll find in "The Tax Reduction Toolkit":

* 29 little-known legal loopholes that will reduce your taxes by thousands -- for self-employed people and small business owners only!

* 9 biggest mistakes taxpayers make (and how to avoid them)

* How to audit-proof your income tax return forever

* $395 worth of tax consulting and tax planning coupons

* plus several more bonuses that will dramatically improve your financial situation immediately

I suggest that you take a very close look at this valuable resource... here

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How to Choose a Shopping Cart 

Do you think of a shopping cart system as an expense?

It doesn't have to be.

The right shopping cart can actually GENERATE more sales
from your online buyers, and increase sales to existing
customers, automatically!

So instead of a "cost of doing business", a shopping cart
can be a source of revenue!

Here is an incredible eBook that explains the powerful
shopping cart tools now available to online business owners.

I have always been an advocate of getting the right tools to
do the job; when all is said and done they pay for
themselves many times over. A shopping cart system is no

Don't settle for a piece of junk shopping cart that some
high school kid tells you about, or that comes free with
your web hosting service. I guarantee you'll be sorry if
you do.

"How to Pick a Shopping Cart System That Makes You Money"
gives you the real inside scoop on how to pick the right
system for you.

... AND IT's FREE!!

For more information and to download this FREE eBook, click here.

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