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Newsletter Archive

The "Big Bucks in a Bathrobe" electronic newsletter is designed to help you "Make More Money and Have More Fun with Your Small/Home Based Business".

Here are the past issues:

Date Article "Ask Dave" The Ranch
--- 2001---
Jul 19 "Exploit Your Very Own Goldmine" Personal distractions n/a
Aug 8 "At What Cost" Wearing too many hats Lily and the mouse
Aug 16 "Crooked Pictures" When to work and when not to work The bear
Aug 30 "Imagine" Barking dogs and phone calls Poncho
Sep 13 "You Are Not Alone" Work-at-home paranoia Work and the Sept 11 attack
Sep 27 "Deadlines are Lifelines" 800 numbers Keno is a good boy
Oct 10 "A Single Word" How to choose a business Marilyn the toad
Oct 24 "Tame the Interruption Beast" Murder Mystery Weekends The squirrel in the toilet
Nov 8 "The Wonders of Flexible Time" Having trouble selling services of new employee Mice in Kate's desk
Nov 21 "The Perfect Gift for Our Customers" How to determine size of market Emma, the squirrel, and Henry and Gladys' Thanksgiving treat
Dec 6 "That Personal Touch" How to reach market for leisure packages Digging trenches
Dec 20 "Attitude Check" How to get media exposure Emma's first snow
--- 2002 ---      
Jan 3 "Show Your Cards" My product is good, why aren't people interested? Wind in the trees
Jan 16 "Be Your Own Customer" Merchant accounts Bombproof horses
Jan 30 "How Will You Be Judged?" Finding a website designer Keno goes to the hospital
Feb 13 "Are You Doing a Good Job?" Getting People to Respond to Proposals Keno comes home
Feb 27 "Don't Panic" Retail business failed: what could we have done? The kindergarteners and the doggies
Mar 13 "Make it Better!" Collection Issue Emma likes to visit
Mar 27 "Explanations: a Good Idea?" Person-to-Person Selling The Laser Mouse
Apr 10 "Get 'em While They're Hot!" Telephone etiquette Simone vs. Keno
Apr 24 "Ya Gotta Ask!" What kind of work from home "Daisy" trapped in the fence
May 8 "No Rules" Should I go into business with this guy? Visitors from the porch
May 22 "Priorities" The crystal ball Bad news at the ranch
June 5 "Be Afraid" Hiring husband FIRE!
June 19 "Empower Your Employees" Selling business Marilyn returns
July 3 "Start!" Are we taking the right first baby steps? Four dogs
July 17 "Your Secret Weapon" MLM liability question Lily is in prime form
July 31 "Coupons, Coupons, Coupons" Unbusiness-like or not? Our dodo bird
Aug 14 "Stuff Happens" The errant web designer Summer babies
Aug 28 "Size Matters" Book publishing The great toad mystery
Sep 10 "Give Yourself Permission" Marketing a collection service The neighbor's dog
Sep 24 "THINK!" Staying motivated Barking in the middle of the night
Oct 8 "The Perfect Gift for Our Customers" What business to start The three bears
Oct 23 "Lessons From the Cat" The impatient husband Burying the rawhide
Nov 6 "Lessons From the Dog" The Laundromat Close encounter
Nov 20 "Lessons From the Horse" The bankrupt client The inevitable
Dec 4 "Getting from Burned Out to Pumped-Up" What internet business? Get off my back...
Dec 18 "How to Be Wrong 50% of the Time" Dealing with isolation Phoebe and the pot
--- 2003 ---      
Jan 1 "Communicate!" Using your laptop and desktop together Hammering horses
Jan 15 "Perfection" Getting out there Kelly is a lady
Jan 29 "The Difference" Imposing on references Kate bites the dust
Feb 12 "Sharpen Yourself and Your Tools" Maybe now is not the time... Dry weather: my fault?
Feb 26 "How to Attend a Seminar or Conference" Marketing family services The generator
Mar 12 "Quick-Draw Your Business Cards" Marketing the Virtual Assistant Mending the fence
Mar 26 "When Good News is Bad News" Starting an Internet business The pond
Apr 9 "Big Deal" Won't spend the money... Kelly and the vacuum
Apr 23 "Naps" Unreasonable customer Marilyn returns
May 7 "Newsletters" Business opportunity A tree comes down
May 21 "Be Brave" Email marketing Phoebe is missing
June 4 "Rocks" A new virtual assistant A strange noise

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