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"Whatever It Takes"

by Dave Balch, "The Stay-at-Home CEO"ô

(c) 2002, A Few Good People, Inc.

Wouldnít it be nice if you could get someone else to do all of the things that you either donít have time for, donít know how to do, or just plain donít want to do? AhÖ just think of it: "Jeeves, could you run this over to the printer? Iíve got a dinner date", "Jeeves, would you please write this proposal? It has to be out tomorrow and Iím just too tired to deal with it", "Jeeves, my customer needs this product right now and itís a one hour drive each way; would you please deliver it? Iíve got other things to do and it is crucial that he gets what he needs on time?", "Jeeves, would you please pick up the cleaning and empty the wastebaskets?"

WAKE UP! I can tell that you have glazed over in this wonderful fantasy! Until youíre well on your way and you can afford Jeeves, you are going to have to do all this stuff yourself, so remember that you have to be willing to do "Whatever It Takes" if you are going to be successful.

And you have to do it with a smile, because it goes with the territory.

Have you ever seen a one-man band? Iím not talking metaphorically; I mean a real one-man band. Dick Van Dyke did it in the opening scene of Mary Poppins, and did it very well. Small cymbals between his knees, harmonica propped up front of his mouth, bulb horn attached to his chest so that the bulb can be squeezed with his chin, playing a squeeze box with his hands. Thatís not allÖ a drum with large cymbals is strapped to his back, with cords attached to each leg; one leg operates the mallet that beats the drum, the other operates the cymbals. Suppose he didnít like the drum because it was too heavy and he couldnít afford to hire a drummer? If he decided to get rid of the drum his music and his appeal would suffer. His whole act would be down the tubes. If he wants to succeed, he is just going to have to carry that drum around whether he likes it or not. As soon as he starts making enough money, he can hire a drummer; heck he can hire a whole band and just carry a baton instead of all of that paraphernalia!

We as home-based or small business folk are one-man (or woman) bands, too. At first, we have to do it all if we want the best outcome possible. And even when we can afford to have an assistant, sometimes things have to be done after hours or at a time when that person is sick, on vacation, or busy with something else. When you have the "Whatever-It-Takes" attitude, you donít question it, you donít whine, and you donít put it off; you just do it.

Successful people have the "whatever-it-takes" attitude because they are more interested in the long-term gain than the short-term pain.

So get out there and do whatever it takes to be successful. And you will be.

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